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More than 500 gas stations throughout Greece


The management and all the staff of AVINOIL are committed to always operate in a way that ensures the Quality of the products it supplies and the services it provides in strict compliance with Greek and European legislation.

In order to achieve its goals in relation to quality, AVINOIL:

  • It recognizes in a timely manner and ensures that it meets the requirements of its customers both in the fuel market and in the lubricant market.
  • It consistently feeds its customers by addressing any issues that arise.
  • It technically supports, in matters of mechanical equipment and safety equipment, the gas stations that bear its trademark, meticulously complying with the agreements with the customer service stations.
  • It is based on the close cooperation with MOTOR OIL HELLAS and its other suppliers for the products it offers.
  • It maintains a high level of trained staff in all positions that directly or indirectly affect the quality of its products and services offered.

As part of its Quality Strategy, AVINOIL develops and implements for all its activities a fully documented Quality Management System in accordance with the current version of the international standard ISO 9001 and ensures that this system is constantly becoming more efficient.

At the same time, AVINOIL implements a Quality Management System in accordance with the EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard at its own petrol stations in the following areas of application: Establishment, Management and Operation.

Quality System Certificate according to EN ISO 9001: 2015
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Quality System Certificate according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 for self-propelled gas stations
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Car on the road

AVINOIL, respecting the principles of sustainable development and recognizing the need for balance between economic and environmental goals, implements measures to protect the environment from the possible effects of its activities.

In this context, it implements an environmental management system at its own gas stations in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2015.

Environmental System Certificate according to ISO 14001: 2015 for self-propelled gas stations
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European Road Safety Map
European Road Safety Map

AVIN signs the European Road Safety Charter

AVIN Oil signed for the first time the European Road Safety Charter, in the context of an event that took place on Thursday, March 3, 2011, at the offices of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks in the presence of Deputy Minister Mr. Spyrou Vougia and Mr. Argyris Peroulakis, Head of Communications for the Representation of the European Commission in Greece.

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Driver Training

As part of the Driver Training Program, AVIN fleet drivers monitor training on an annual basis:

  • Theoretical and practical training in Defense Driving, during which they are evaluated and classified as drivers of LOW, METRIA and HIGH risk. The aim of this training program is for drivers to be in the LOST danger zone. As long as the rating shows METRIA or HIGH risk, the driver is retrained, while his non-compliance with the specifications established by Avin leads to his removal from the fleet. In order to understand our sensitivity to Transportation Safety issues, we note that the above categorization of our drivers after their evaluation, results from the philosophy of our Company that every driver on the road, professional or not, is a small, medium or large risk and in no case is it characterized as “harmless”. The best driver, for AVIN, is a LOW risk driver.
  • Special Training in Anti-skid (handling to avoid slipping the vehicle) and Anti-rollover (handling to avoid overturning the vehicle), two specialized trainings that take place in specially designed areas.
  • Training in Fuel Chemistry, a safe way to load, transport and unload fuel.

In addition, each candidate driver for joining the AVIN fleet is trained and evaluated based on the above techniques and is judged for his ability to transport petroleum products.