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Action 100

High octane fuel and high efficiency

Unleaded petrol Action 100 by AVIN

For gasoline-powered vehicles, the Unleaded ACTION 100 is a high-octane, high-performance fuel designed for those who only want the best for their car.

A top choice of high standards, for maximum performance combined with incomparable protection.

AVIN ACTION 100 guarantees:

More Power *

The new top Unleaded AVIN ACTION 100 ensures maximum engine performance. So you have a better start, smoother engine operation, more power and better acceleration.

Great fuel economy * so more miles per filling

With the new Unleaded AVIN ACTION 100 you have even greater fuel economy, which is evident from the first fillings. The reduction in fuel consumption is the result of reduced friction inside the engine and cleaning of the inlet valves and injectors.

Unbeatable engine cleanliness and protection (keep clean / clean up)

The new unleaded AVIN ACTION 100 has very strong cleaning properties, keeping many parts of the engine like new. It drastically reduces deposits on valves and injectors. This cleaning action in combination with the special anti-corrosion additives it contains, contribute to the smooth operation of the engine and its better performance for a longer time.

Reduction of friction in the engine

The new unleaded AVIN ACTION 100 uses additives with friction modifier technology, which achieve reduction of friction inside the engine, thus actively contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption and the reduction of engine wear.

Reduced emissions, CO2 reduction by 5% (Carbon Footprint)

* up to 5% fuel economy and up to 4% more power, compared to the simple unleaded 95 octane without additives, based on measurements from certified laboratories abroad and based on average density difference D.RON100 – D.RON95: ≥0.75% .