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Equip your corporate fleet without cash

The Avin Card for your corporate fleet

Equip your corporate fleet without cash

The card is issued to the vehicle registration number for more efficient management and control of the supply, as long as you have gathered all the information regarding the supply of each vehicle. Alternatively, depending on your needs, it can be issued in the driver’s name.

With the “smart” technology that the card has, you define:

  • The products – services that each vehicle will buy.
    You can make any combination you want between the products and services provided by a gas station:

    • Diesel
    • Gasoline (Unleaded, ACTION 100, ACTION Diesel)
    • Lubricants
    • Agora | Mini market
    • Car Wash
  • The daily and monthly purchase limit of each vehicle in euros.
  • The recording or not of the kilometers of the counter every time the vehicle is refueled.

AVIN CARD representatives will provide you with ongoing support if you wish to change your card details, issue new cards or cancel a card, in case of loss or replacement of a vehicle.

Direct communication is also provided for any additional information or clarification you need regarding your transactions.


Purchases are done with the card and in combination with the personal and confidential PIN that only your driver knows, without cash.

Interest-Free Credit

The use of your card offers an interest-free credit of an average of 30 days without any charge.
Credit Example


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