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Coral Gas

LPG (AUTOGAS). Ensures the smooth operation and maximum performance of your engine.


AVIN is constantly on the alert to meet the requirements of the modern driver.In recent years, through selected gas stations of its network, it also provides its customers with Autogas. The fuel alternative, which is environmentally friendly and economical!

In this endeavor, the strategic partner for AVIN is Coral Gas, a company with excellent experience and action in the field of LPG.

Going forward with a dynamic development plan, AVIN is constantly expanding its gas stations throughout Greece, providing excellent product quality and always following the strictest safety standards.

Using the LPG Coral Gas, we have ensured:

  • Maximum Economy
  • Top Performance
  • Engine Protection
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Coral Gas’s LPG is the only one with a molecular tracer, the technology that helps ensure the authenticity of the fuel, offering maximum quality assurance.

The molecular tracer:

  • Is safe and approved for all engines
  • Is imported in very small quantities
  • Is detected only by specialized equipment
  • Detects deterioration of gas motion with precision

The assurance of the quantity is achieved through periodic inspections using a certified mass meter, which is equipped with the mobile control units of Coral Gas. A modern electronic system, which simultaneously measures all the variables that affect the quantity (mass, density, temperature), certifying the correct operation of the LPG distributor at gas stations.

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