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Man puts petrol at an AVIN gas station

AVIN’s Quality & Quantitative Control Department performs intensive care, fuel quality and quantity checks at each gas station bearing the AVIN mark.

Since 2012, these checks are carried out daily by the specialist personnel of the Quality & Quantitative Control department, with the main purpose to always ensure top quality fuel in the right amount.

What kind of checks are made:

Quality Control of Fuel Pumps:

Samples are taken from all the terminals of the pumps of each gas station and carry out
quality control in each product. The characteristics that are controlled are: specific gravity,
appearance, color and clarity, control for moisture or particles or foreign impurities / substances,
state trackers and petrol control with a portable Mid-IR “Octaneometer” with which
indications for the number of Octane (RON) as well as for detection of other chemicals are taken substances in gasoline.

Quantitative Control of Fuel Pumps:

The amount the consumer receives is important to be correct in each refueling.
Our technicians check the pumps with accredited 20-liter measuring containers (liters) and confirm that the pumps deliver the right amount to each refueling.
In parallel with the control of pumps, the good operation of the liters is checked at gas stations, so that staff can properly measure the pump pumps of the gas station, on a daily basis.

Proper Fuel Pump Sealing Control:

The fuel pumps are adjusted and sealed with appropriate seals.
Our technicians confirm that the pump seals are suitable, according to the legislation as well as that no pump has been violated.
Technical Inspection of Wells, Tanks and Quality Control.

Products in Fuel Tanks:

The condition of the equipment of the gas station (tanks, wells) is checked as well as quality control of products in fuel tanks (water, particle detection and foreign substances). This ensures that the right storage practices are always followed and fuel handling at AVIN gas stations.
The Department of Quality & Quantitative Control of AVIN Laboratories has been certified accordingly with the new quality standards ISO 9001: 2015 and this certification bears the signature of the independent, internationally recognized, BUREAU VERITAS quality certification body.

All this composes the complete AVIN QUALITY EQUIPMENT program, which aims to secure your assurance of any refueling, at each of the AVIN gas stations throughout Greece.

AVIN Kerdizo

AVIN Kerdizo

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