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  2. Heating Oil

Heating Oil

Heating oil with unique privileges!

  2. Heating Oil
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Συνεργασία Τράπεζας Πειραιώς και AVIN


With AVIN heating oil, in addition to warmth you ensure: Payment of up to 12 installments and immediate delivery to your door!

* The price is valid for delivery, the next working day, over 500 liters and within the prefecture of Attica, with cash payment or up to 9 interest-free installments with credit cards of Piraeus Bank or up to 6 installments for credit cards of other banks.

  • 5% profit with Piraeus Bank credit cards *
  • Payment of up to 12 installments with any credit card
  • I earn 0.5 points per liter on your AVIN Kerdizo
  • Immediate delivery to your door with a phone call in 18108
  • Guaranteed quality and quantity with the warranty of AVIN
  • Reliable delivery
  • Online orders 24 hours a day

* Terms and conditions at www.piraeusbank.gr

Make the warmest move now, with a simple phone call in 18108.

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  • * The amount concerns the payment of cash or one-time credit card charges of any bank.
  • ** The refund amount is valid for payment by credit cards of Piraeus Bank.
  • *** For every 250 points you win a 3 Euro gift voucher

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Heating oil receipt instructions
For which cards of Piraeus Bank does the 5% return apply? +

The 5% refund is valid for Piraeus Bank credit cards. For debit cards, a refund rate of 1% applies and for prepaid payments, a 3% refund rate applies. The maximum monthly refund for AVIN OIL transactions is € 100 per card. More information about the terms and cards participating in the program at www.piraeusbank.gr.

Can I pay for my order with all credit cards of all banks? +

You can pay for your order with any credit card (except American Express and Diners) and with up to 12 installments, after consultation with the AVIN heating oil order center, tel: 18108.

Which areas of Greece do you serve? +

The areas served are: Attica, Thessaloniki, Patras, Arta, Katerini, Komotini, Veria, Alexandroupolis, Heraklion, Mytilene, Giannitsa, Orestiada, Larissa, Volos, Ioannina, Chania.

What is the minimum quantity I can order for home delivery? +

The minimum amount of heating oil for home delivery is 400 liters.

Is my credit card charged when the oil is delivered? +

Yes, upon completion of the oil delivery process, your card will be charged. So you need to have your card (debit or credit) and pin code available. It’s a good idea to check in advance that there is a balance available on your card that will cover the amount of value you will receive.

How do you ensure the quantity delivered? +

The delivery of the heating oil is done through the company’s own tanks, ensuring through our observed procedures and our institutionalized controls at all stages of traffic, both the quality and the quantity of products that you will receive.