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Heating Oil Receipt Instructions

Heating oil with unique privileges!

Tanker delivers AVIN heating oil

AVIN distributes heating oil through the company’s own tanks.

The refueling is done by the group’s facilities that have an outflow system.
Our tank meters are checked and sealed.
The company’s tankers are monitored with a GPS system in each delivery of heating oil.
Our trained and experienced drivers unequivocally apply the legal procedures set by law.

Procedure steps

1. We calculate the exact dimension of the tank

This means that we know how many liters correspond to each centimeter of its height. We can calculate this as follows (when our tank is rectangular or square):

Quantity (liters per centimeter of height) = Length (in million) X Width (in million): 1000

Example: A rectangular tank that is 200 cm long and 100 cm wide has 12 cm of oil. After receiving the oil, the level has risen to 88 cm. Solution: Quantity (liters per centimeter of height) = (200 X 100): 1000 = 20 liters per centimeter. We received 88 – 12 = 76 cm and therefore 76 X 20 = 1,520 liters of oil.

2. The correct receipt process

When measuring with a meter or rod we should:

  • o 1st step: we measure the oil level before receipt (pre-measurement)
  • o 2nd step: we receive the heating oil
  • o 3rd step: we measure the level after receiving the product (measurement)

These steps are performed in the presence of the driver of the tanker or his assistant.
The difference in the level of our level determines the amount of oil we received.

3. Measurement process

When measuring with a meter or rod you should:

  • o Use your own measure or measuring rod with the correct rating or the AVIN driver’s measure.
  • o To be placed in a vertical position with respect to the tank.
  • o To be placed at the same metering point before the receipt (pre-measurement) and after the receipt (measurement) of the oil.
  • o To lean on the bottom of the tank.
  • o Be rigid and do not bend.

To do the measurement, wait 2-3 minutes for the oil surface to calm down.
We make sure that the contents of the hose are completely emptied into our tank.

4. We also pay attention

To ensure a proper receipt, we also pay attention to the following:

  • o The walls of our tank should be vertical and the bottom should be horizontal. The walls of the oil tanks may be deformed by the weight of the oil and may present “bellies”, resulting in a larger quantity than we measure with the rod.
  • o Be present during counting and counting.