100% synthetic multi-purpose lubricant, ideal for catalytic, multi-valve, turbo petrol engines and for diesel engines. Ensures immediate lubrication of all engine points and help maintain it as new.

Exceeds strictest new specifications:

MERCEDES-BENZ 229.1, VOLKSWAGEN 502.00/505.00


100% synthetic, multi-purpose lubricant, of very high performance and advanced synthetic technology to maximize engine protection. Ideal for catalytic, multi-valve, turbo, b-turbo petrol engines. Ensures lubrication of all engine points.

Exceeds strictest new specifications:

ACEA: A3/B4, ΜERCEDES-ΒENZ 229.51, VOLKSWAGEN 504.00/507.00, BMW Longlife-04.

Monday, 06 October 2014 00:53

Heating Oil

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AVIN has been covering your needs for years. That is why we have now made heating our first priority. You can get your heating oil by simply calling the new service line on 18108.

Monday, 06 October 2014 00:53

Network of petrol stations

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AVIN has created an integrated network of over 450 petrol stations, offering excellent and comprehensive services to drivers throughout Greece and providing them with the most advanced fuel.

Monday, 06 October 2014 00:53

AVIN stands by your business

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Avinoil’s solutions cover all the needs of a modern business. The industrial sales sector but also the fleet management card, guarantee a comprehensive package of services for all types of companies.

Sunday, 05 October 2014 03:16


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Within the framework of the constant improvement of its services and in an attempt to fully meet the needs and requirements of its customers, AVIN has established the AVIN Service Center.

It is an integrated center for the immediate and responsible reception and management of customers’ orders, requests and complaints. It also offers customers constant and valid information about the company’s new programs, services, products and promotional actions.

Via the telephone number 801 801 1111
AVIN has made customer service throughout Greece its priority.

Service Centre working hours
Monday - Friday 06.00-17.00
Saturday 06.00-14.00
For Retail Heating Oil orders
(from 15/10 to the end of the heating period)
Monday - Friday 08.00-17.00
Saturday 08.00-14.00

12Α Irodou Attikou Str.
Post Code: 151 24
Marousi, Attica, Greece
Phone: +30.210.8093500

Alternatively, you can contact us by filling in the following contact form:

There is no form with this name or may be the form is unpublished, Please check the form and the url and the form management.

Sunday, 05 October 2014 03:01

Industrial Products

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A particularly important part of AVINOIL is the Department of Industrial Sales, which offers products and services that cover all the needs and de,amds of modern industry, with respect towards the environment and people.

AVIN operates mainly in the distribution of the following products:

  • Diesel oil
  • Asphalt
  • Crude oil
  • Lubricants

Over time the AVIN brand has been linked to the largest Greek construction companies as well as to the country’s heavy industry, firmly holding leading position in the sale of industrial products.

Technologically advanced equipment combined with an expanded network, the ability to meet requirements throughout the country and the constant support of Motor Oil Hellas, guarantee an excellent response to the logistical requirements and quality standards of our customers.

Sunday, 05 October 2014 02:25

Order Heating Oil

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AVIN has been covering your needs for years. That is why we have now made heating our first priority.

You can get your heating oil by simply calling the service line on 18108.

Because at AVIN we know how to create a "warm" relationship with those who trust us.

Call 18108 and get:

  • Assured quality and quantity guaranteed by AVIN
  • Reliable delivery
  • Payment by credit card and up 6 installments
  • 3% refund using Piraeus Bank credit card*
  • A cleaner burner
  • Special offers for online ordering 24 hours a day
  • *Terms and conditions in www.piraeusbank.gr

*Local call charge from landline.

Sunday, 05 October 2014 02:25

Instructions for the receipt of heating oil

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    This means we know how many liters correspond to each centimeter of its height. This can be calculated as follows (when the tank is rectangular or square):

    Quantity (liters per centimeter of height)= Length(in cm) X Width(in cm): 1000

    Example: A rectangular tank, which is 200 cm long and 100 cm wide has 12 centimeters of oil. After the receipt of the oil, the level has risen to 88 cm. Solution: Quantity (liters per centimeter of height)= (200 X 100):1000=20 liters per centimeter. We have received 88-12=76 centimeters and, therefore, 76 X 20 = 1,520 liters of oil.

    During the measurement with a meter, the bar must:
    • 1st step: we measure the level of oil before the receipt (preliminary measurement)
    • 2nd step: we receive the heating oil
    • 3rd step: we measure the level after the receipt of the product (subsequent measurement)
    These steps are taken in presence of the driver of the tank vehicle or his assistant.
    The difference in the height of the level determines the quantity of oil received.

    During the measurement with a meter, the bar must:
    • Be placed in a vertical position in relation to the tank
    • Be placed at the same measurement point before the receipt (preliminary measurement) and after the receipt (subsequent measurement) of the oil.
    • Touch the bottom of tank.
    • Be rigid and not bend.
    Before performing the subsequent measurement, we must wait for 2-3 minutes, in order for the surface of the oil surface to be still.
    We make sure that the content of the hose has fully emptied into our tank.

    To ensure correct receipt, we must also ensure that:
    • o The walls of our tank are vertical and its bottom is horizontal. The oil tank walls may have been deformed, due to the weight of the oil, and be uneven, which means that the quantity received is larger than the quantity measured with the bar.
    • o The measurement bar used is correctly calibrated.

AVIN is constantly alert to the requirements of the modern driver.