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Organizational Structure

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Οργανωτική δομή
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Driver Training

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Within the framework of the Driver Training Program of Training of Drivers AVIN fleet drivers receive training on an annual basis concerning:

  • Theoretical and practical training in Defensive Driving, during which they are evaluated and classified as LOW, MEDIUM AND HIGH risk drivers. The aim of the aforementioned training program is to bring drivers to the LOW risk zone. If the evaluation shows MEDIUM or HIGH accident risk, the driver is retrained, while non-compliance with the standards set by Avin leads to his removal from the fleet. In order to convey our sensitivity to Transport Safety issues, we would like to note that the above classification of our drivers following their evaluation results from the Company’s philosophy according to which every driver, professional or otherwise, constitutes a low, medium or high risk and can by no means be characterized as "safe". For Avin, an excellent driver is a driver with a LOW accident potential.
  • Special training in Anti-skid (operations to avoid vehicle skid) and in Anti-rollover (operations to avoid vehicle rollover), two specialized types of training, take place in specifically designed and controlled areas.
  • Training in Fuel chemistry, safe fuel Loading, Transport and Unloading.

Additionally, prior to his integration in Avin’s fleet, every candidate driver is trained and evaluated on the basis of the above techniques and is judged regarding his ability to transport oil products.

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European Road Safety Charter

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Avin signs the European Road Safety Charter

Athens, 11th March 2011.

Avin Oil has signed the European Road Safety Charter for the first time during an event that took place on Thursday, 3 March 2011, at the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, in the presence of the Vice-minister Mr. Spyros Vougias and Mr. Argyris Peroulakis, Head of Communication for the EC Representation in Greece.

Ο κος. Χρήστος Τσιχαράπης, Σύμβουλος Ασφάλειας για τις Μεταφορές της Avin Oil A.E. παραλαμβάνει τo πιστοποιητικό της δέσμευσης από τον κο. Αργύρη Περουλάκη, Προϊστάμενο της Επικοινωνίας για την Αντιπροσωπεία της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής στην Ελλάδα.

The certificate of our commitment

The European Road Safety Charter was created in January 2004. Its members aim at reducing the number of road deaths, marking a new period of commitment for the European Union. Via the program, Charter members apply innovative actions to promote Road Safety messages, exchange ideas and practices in order to improve their effectiveness at European level, and evaluate the results and progress in relation to the initial targets. Within the framework of its continuous and effective efforts for the reduction of road accidents, Avin implements regular training programs and raises awareness among numerous recipients, since it believes that the volume and nature of the transport related to the trading of oil products entail responsibilities for all sector players.

Avin Oil programs included in its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter indicatively include:

  • Continuous training program on defensive and safe driving. The program is addressed to tank vehicle drivers and to all company staff that drive while on duty.
  • Evaluation of itineraries and selection of the least dangerous.
  • Regular evaluations of carriers, using a set of criteria, with an emphasis on their performance in the area of road safety.
  • Driver monitoring program to ascertain compliance with the rules.
  • Sponsorship of programs to provide information and raise awareness among children.

As noted by the Chief Executive Officer of Avin, Mr. Miltiadis Babilis:

Today, our company joins the family of the Road Safety Charter and commits to working even more systematically and intensively at all levels – administration, employees and partners – for the complete elimination of accidents. Our aim is to bring about an overall change of culture concerning road safety issues, so that all of us adhere to the rules strictly every day. We believe that the Charter represents an excellent network of companies and organization for the exchange of good practices and we intend to play an active role towards the achievement of our shared target.

For more information about the European Charter visit:

For more information about the participation of AVIN in the European Charter visit:

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  • 1977

    Establishing AVIN

  • 1978


  • 1982


  • 1985

    The first fuel dealers trust AVIN for the supply of the first stations in the Peloponnese

  • 1987

    The commencement of the LOADING STATION AT AG. THEODOROI

  • 1996

    MOTOR OIL – ARAMCO Cooperation. One of the largest oil production companies worldwide

  • 1998

    Creation of the first AVIN Service Station at MEGARA

  • 2001

    Start-up of the Olympic Fuel Company (OFC)

  • 2002.jpg



  • 2007


    Foundation of MAKRAION

  • 2010.jpg


    Creation of the first EGNATIA ODOS Service Station, at PLATANOS

  • 2011.jpg


    Creation of the LEPTOKARIA Service Station on the ATHENS-THESSALONIKI National Road

  • 2011.jpg


    AVIN passes 70 owned gas stations

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Shareholder Structure

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ΑVIN OIL is a subsidiary of MOTOR OIL HELLAS.

MOTOR OIL is a leader in the field of crude oil refining, providing the markets it serves with a wide range of high quality products. The company has become one of the main pillars of the Greek economy, while it also plays a major part in the broader South-eastern Europe area.

MOTOR OIL, the parent company, was founded in 1970 and its refinery began operating in1972. Since 2001 it is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and is included in the International index FTSE/ATHEX INTERNATIONAL, in the General index ATHEX COMPOSITE INDEX as well as in other branch indexes.

The refinery that constitutes the core of the company’s activities is located in Agioi Theodoroi in Corinth, approx. 70 km from the center of Athens. Together with the auxiliary installations and the installations used for fuel handling, it is the largest private industrial complex in Greece. It is considered one of the most modern refineries in Europe with a 10.4 complexity ranking (Nelson Complexity Index).

It can process various types of crude oil and produce a wide range of oil products, serving the oil marketing companies in Greece and its customers abroad. In addition, it is the only Greek refinery that produces basic lubricants. The products produced in the refinery meet European Union standards which became applicable on 1st January 2009, and the strictest equivalent international standards.

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Service Stations

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Within the framework of its strategic development AVIN can be found at selected points along Greece’s motorways.
Since 1998 it has financed, planned, constructed and operates the Service Stations at the 40+500 kilometric position (Service Station of Megara) of the Athens-Corinth National Road (at Megara, Attica).
It is worth noting that in addition to its long experience in the Development - Operation - Maintenance of the MEGARA Service Station, AVIN was recently selected as the contractor for the first Egnatia Odos Service Stations.
Since the summer of 2010 and for the next twenty-five years AVIN will be operating the Service Stations at Platanos, 35 km from Thessaloniki towards Veria.
In addition, AVIN was selected as the Contractor and has, since the beginning of 2011, been operating the Leptokaria Service Station at the 406th km of the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road.

All Service Stations consist of two installations on either side of the National Roads and include the following (per direction of traffic):

  • A petrol station (Platanos Service Station) for cars and trucks
  • Car wash
  • Car oil change facility
  • Wash and oil change station for trucks (Megara Service Station)
  • Road assistance building with car repair workshop (Megara Service Station)
  • Traveller Service Building (Restaurant-cafeteria-Mini market)
  • Surrounding area with separate parking areas for cars and trucks and green spaces
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MAKRAION is a public limited company, which was founded in Athens in 2007.

Its main activities include the establishment and operation of fuel and gas stations throughout the country.

In addition, the stations offer car-washing and oil change services, as well as the sale of standardized products for the driver and car.

In order to provide high quality products, MAKRAION evaluates and selects the suppliers of its products carefully.

Within the framework of this policy, MAKRAION’s exclusive supplier of fuel, lubricants and similar products is AVIN OIL AVENEP, a company with long experience in the fuel sector, able to guarantee the best quality fuel for its clients since its foundation in 1977.

Its specialized and experienced staff provide reliable services.

AVINOIL is the parent company of MAKRAION.

MAKRAION operates on the basis of its customer’s needs and environmental protection.

All MAKRAION stations use state-of-the-art equipment to provide its clients with safer and faster services.

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Vision and Mission

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AVIN, one of the leading brands in the Greek oil products market, was founded in 1977. Following a continuous and dynamic expansion, today it employs over 200 people, has privately owned premises for the storage of oil products at Agioi Theodoroi in Corinth and more than 500 petrol stations throughout Greece. It is a member of the Motor Oil Hellas Group, one of the most dynamic groups in the field of oil refining and trading in Greece but also in the greater Eastern Mediterranean region.


Our vision at Avin is to become the leading Greek oil products company which supports people by offering, with honesty and responsibility, quality products and services at reasonable prices through the utilization of the strength and technology of the ΜΟΗ refinery.


From the beginning of its operation to this day, AVIN has firmly and continuously applied a people-oriented philosophy in which ethos, consistency and respect towards the consumer play the most important part.

Our daily mission is to meet the current and future needs of our clients, through a strategy focused on the excellent business operation of our stations, the maintenance of our leading position in the B2B market and the exploitation of opportunities for additional profitable activities.

The high level of our products, our network, the operational readiness of our staff and our punctuality in delivery even under the most difficult circumstances are the reasons why, for years now, our clients choose us both at the pump and in industry.

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AVINOIL exports oil products to neighboring Balkan countries, Mediterranean countries and other destinations. These products are mainly produced at the technologically advanced refinery of Motor Oil Hellas.

The excellent quality of the exported products, the high added value of the services provided and, of course, it’s reasonable prices have rendered AVINOIL one of the region’s most reliable and competitive exporters.

Currently, the most important products exported include liquid gas, petrol, diesel, aviation fuels, crude oil, asphalt, basic mineral oils and final lubricants.

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Fuel quality control

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Within the framework of excellent quality assurance for its fuels, Avinoil implements constant quality and quantity controls at all the gas stations that make up its network.

Specialist and fully equipped company crews, using cutting-edge technology, perform random and scheduled fuel sampling throughout Greece, at all stations bearing the AVIN brand name.

AVIN’s integrated quality and quantity control system is implemented on the basis of high fuel quality standards for top performance and protection of the vehicle’s engine, but also focuses on the protection of the interests of consumers.