MAKRAION is a public limited company, which was founded in Athens in 2007.

Its main activities include the establishment and operation of fuel and gas stations throughout the country.

In addition, the stations offer car-washing and oil change services, as well as the sale of standardized products for the driver and car.

In order to provide high quality products, MAKRAION evaluates and selects the suppliers of its products carefully.

Within the framework of this policy, MAKRAION’s exclusive supplier of fuel, lubricants and similar products is AVIN OIL AVENEP, a company with long experience in the fuel sector, able to guarantee the best quality fuel for its clients since its foundation in 1977.

Its specialized and experienced staff provide reliable services.

AVINOIL is the parent company of MAKRAION.

MAKRAION operates on the basis of its customer’s needs and environmental protection.

All MAKRAION stations use state-of-the-art equipment to provide its clients with safer and faster services.

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