Avin Card

Re-fuel your vehicles without cash and win multiple benefits:

The card is issued to the vehicle registration number for more effective fuelling management and control, since it provides an overview of information related to the fuelling of each vehicle. Alternatively, depending on your needs, it can be issued in the driver’s name.

Thanks to the card’s "intelligent" technology, you decide:

  • The products – services that can be bought by each vehicle.
    You can choose any combination you wish among the products and services provided by a gas station:
    • Diesel oil
    • Gasoline (Unleaded, Super, Super Plus)
    • Lubricants
    • Mini Market
    • Car washing
  • The daily and monthly purchase limit of each vehicle in Euros.
  • The recording or not of the kilometers shown on the speedometer every time the vehicle is re-fuelled.

Experienced AVINCARD staff will offer you continuous support whether you wish to change the card details, issue new cards or cancel a card, if the card gets lost or in case of vehicle replacement.
Direct contact is provided if you wish to receive further information or clarifications regarding your transactions.

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Purchases are realized using the card and the personal and confidential PIN number known only by your driver, without cash.

The use of the card offers interest free credit on average 30 days without any charge.

Αναλυτικά στοιχεία ανά κάρτα Αναλυτικά στοιχεία συναλλαγών Σύνολα ανά προϊόν και κάρτα

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