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  2. Steam Van

Steam Van

New mobile car wash service by AVIN!

  2. Steam Van

New mobile car wash service by AVIN!

We undertake your car care using the eco-friendly and at the same time efficient technology of wet & dry steam at your space.

Are you aware of the steam cleaning benefits?

  1. Effective removal of dust, resin, insect marks and other stains.
  2. Revitalization of your vehicle’s color & finish protection.
  3. Deep disinfection & elimination of the bad smell inside your car.
  4. Minimum water amount spent that contributes to the protection of water resources.

At your place with through a phone call.

The only mobile van in Greece that runs exclusively on electricity, fully equipped with the latest steam care technology and other car detailing services ready to serve you anywhere in Attica with just a call.

Save time by making tour vehicle washing, out role responsibility.

You can either call us at 2109956092 or fill the below form and book your appointment!


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AVIN Kerdizo

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