Safety & Environment

Every AVIN activity and product is firmly focused on displaying respect both for people and the environment.

Aiming to make its products and services available to end consumers with safety and reliability, AVIN has developed and firmly adheres to a set of procedures that compose the company’s "Policy on Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Protection".

In strict compliance to the rules and regulations prescribed by Greek and European legislation, AVIN continuously creates and implements all modern methods in order to achieve maximum safety, prevent accidents and protect the environment.

Thanks to the continuous implementation of the Hygiene, Safety and Environmental Protection Management System, AVIN has become one of the safest companies in its sector.

The company’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly products and services, with respect to people, marks the present and guarantees a safer future.

With a high sense of responsibility and constant commitment to our values and principles, we continue offering products and services always focused on people.

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