Driver Training

Within the framework of the Driver Training Program of Training of Drivers AVIN fleet drivers receive training on an annual basis concerning:

  • Theoretical and practical training in Defensive Driving, during which they are evaluated and classified as LOW, MEDIUM AND HIGH risk drivers. The aim of the aforementioned training program is to bring drivers to the LOW risk zone. If the evaluation shows MEDIUM or HIGH accident risk, the driver is retrained, while non-compliance with the standards set by Avin leads to his removal from the fleet. In order to convey our sensitivity to Transport Safety issues, we would like to note that the above classification of our drivers following their evaluation results from the Company’s philosophy according to which every driver, professional or otherwise, constitutes a low, medium or high risk and can by no means be characterized as "safe". For Avin, an excellent driver is a driver with a LOW accident potential.
  • Special training in Anti-skid (operations to avoid vehicle skid) and in Anti-rollover (operations to avoid vehicle rollover), two specialized types of training, take place in specifically designed and controlled areas.
  • Training in Fuel chemistry, safe fuel Loading, Transport and Unloading.

Additionally, prior to his integration in Avin’s fleet, every candidate driver is trained and evaluated on the basis of the above techniques and is judged regarding his ability to transport oil products.

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